Who I am...

Who I am is what brings me alive....

I am an explorer of life, of extremes, of dark and light; living and working in the moment with what is alive.

My journey has been one of fierce capitulation of the 'ordinary', a relinquishment of who I believe I am, and what I think my life is about. Through complete freefall and surrender to the void, I encountered the very essence of my being, the nature of my spirit and ultimately the substance of what brings me truly alive. I discovered how spirit becomes matter; how the Earth takes possession of my Soul.

In order to tell you who I am, I'll need to share with you what brings me alive, what breaks me open, what drives me wild with lust for life and opens me beyond my limits to an absolute knowing of what it is I came here to experience:

  • Dance. Rhythm. Movement. Music.
  • Diverse encounters and heartful connections, with many kindred souls.
  • A persistent and determined quest to reclaim creative and sexual energy that moves through the body as vital life-force. 
  • A deep trust in the mystery: that power and potential emerge from dimensions beyond through the Earth, through nature, and through this physical form. 
  • The rites, rituals, and traditions that bind us to our bodies and to the land and that connect us to the magic that is our birthright.
  • The liberation of energy, acceleration of evolution and transformation of the world. 

This is the essence of why I've been called into this physical dimension and what makes me want to be ever more here, ever more present, and ever more alive.

     Join me now in this reality of truth and freedom...

The Hysteria of Cassandra or The Wandering Womb by Linda Hill                                                                             The Hysteria of Cassandra or The Wandering Womb by Linda Hill