Testimonials - Soul Call

"In my first one to one session with Karen, she held space with so much care, grounded presence and integrity.
She offered holding and guidance whilst at the same time supporting me to find my own pace and flow. I felt such deep trust in her. We worked intimately and I felt many different aspects of myself rise up and be met with love by her. I felt deeply accepted and supported in my process of integrating my sexuality with my heart, and will definitely be continuing to work with her" JS 

"Karen has a real gift and I trust her implicitly with my innermost thoughts and feelings, which is a huge deal for me. She is so present and I really feel her caring and compassion for what I am sharing and for getting underneath the words to what it is I am feeling or holding onto. She holds the space with integrity, honour and with a deep, deep wisdom, that works through her in such a profound, yet down to earth way. Karen has an honesty and realness that makes me feel safe and at ease; this is her passion and you can really feel this when working with her. She is incredibly grounded, has a huge heart and genuinely cares about her clients. What makes her so unique is that there is no ego with her, the sessions are not about her and what she can do for you, but about your experience and what is unfolding. She really listens and is so perceptive and intuitive to the energy around what you are saying and doing, she goes beyond the obvious. I am so glad that she has come into my life to work with me now, it is a huge relief to know she is there". Louise M