Sessions for individuals and couples

I offer a variety of sessions, in person and via online call.
The number of sessions and pace of work depends very much on the person, the themes in the field, and how much has already been done to gain insight into the roots of a particular conditioned pattern or situation. We can arrange a single sitting to help with a decision; a series of sessions to dissolve a pattern; or regular contact for ongoing support and soul care. I work with adults of all backgrounds, sexual orientations, alternative life and relationship styles.

The sessions are...

Crux Corporeal

These sessions typically last for one or two hours. We work with specific themes, attuning through dialogue. The process is one of tracking held energy just beyond your conscious awareness.

Alchemical Emblem by Nicholas Flamel Alchemical emblem by Nicholas Flamel (1340 - 1418)

Quinta Essentia

An in-person meeting and may incorporate bespoke contact approaches. Often these sessions are appropriate after we have already explored and moved through layers of a condition and you wish to potentise your process through an embodied connection.

Alchemical Emblem by Ulrich Ruosch (1628 - 1698)                                                                                           Alchemical Emblem by Ulrich Ruosch (1628 - 1698)


Ley of Light

An in-person meeting to work specifically with your energy body. Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating, energy healing is an ancient art that helps to restore balance and create the conditions for optimum health.

Alchemical Emblem by Nicholas Flamel (1340 - 1418)                                                                                          Alchemical Emblem by Nicholas Flamel (1340 -1418)


I am a full healer member with The Healing Trust (since 2004) and currently offer sessions in the North East and South West of England.

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Women's Hearth

Bespoke women’s gatherings by arrangement.

Women's Hearth is a journey into sisterhood grounded in trust. The circles offer a space for deep and intimate sharing around themes of embodiment and sexuality. Introducing processes and forms that reveal the truth of our experience as women; encountering nature and the nature of ourselves through rituals and practices; stepping out of fixing or changing ourselves and into being whilst becoming.

I AM FLOWERING Chloris and the Creation of the Rose by Linda HillI AM FLOWERING - Chloris and the Creation of The Rose by Linda Hill


My standard rate for sessions is £45 per hour,
or please get in touch to discuss a bespoke request.

Omnia Unus Est - The Ouroboros - All Is One by Linda Hill
                                                                                   Omnia Unus Est - The Ouroboros - All Is One by Linda Hill


Crow on flask figure from ancient Alchemic manuscript"The signals we give should be clear, for the darkness around us is deep... ​​​​​​"
                                                                                              W. E. Stafford