Testimonials - Body Poem

“I experienced expansiveness, a sense of the container of myself getting bigger, and at the same time, feeling more intimate contact with the energy behind my desires, and behind the conflict. It’s not challenging any aspect of me, but allowing of all the parts”
Ian R

"Words cannot describe the experience of Karen's body poem sessions. Through this process I have realised my body is wise, clear and open. Hearing my body's words, thoughts, and expressions back again is truly remarkable. I am inspired and happy using my own words and wisdom to teach me. Karen listens and hears and holds the space in such a gentle and spacious way it confirms how the words of my body should be honoured. A huge thanks for introducing me to body poem."
Katy W

I have been a psychotherapist and trainer for over 40 years and the work with Karen is extraordinary and so powerful. She has the gift of holding you well, while at the same time, enabling you to work at real depth. This work that she offers is life-changing and she is truly magical in her approach. Body Poem with Karen is not to be missed. For me, it has opened a gateway to my soul, a return to lost parts of who I really am, my authentic self. It has enabled me to step fully back into the river of life.
Simone Silver Path.

Karen was present, listening, supportive, creative, a poet, clear, sensitive - I felt deeply heard. I'm so grateful for these sessions and all the ripples they have created in my life... They feel like a treasured ongoing resource to come back to.
Lynn Campbell