Body Poem

Healing modality and art form, Body Poem is a trauma-sensitive practice, distinct from conventional treatment approaches.
Grounded in compassion and contemporary neuroscience, it is harmonious with natures' innate self-organising intelligence and movement to equilibrium. 

The method, devised by Katie Sarra over 30 years of body psychotherapy practice is an elegant synthesis of 3 approaches:

  • Body Focusing: developed by Eugene Gendlin, supports attunement to our embodied felt-sense through holding a kind of open, non-judgmental attention to our internal knowing which is directly experienced but not yet formed in words.
  • Clean language: the concept of David Grove, aimed at supporting clients to find their own metaphors to describe their experience as it emerges. These powerful symbolic descriptions come from our own frame of reference rather than having interpretations imposed on us by a therapist or facilitator.
  • Dream Form: the original inspiration for Body Poem, comes from an interactive Play-Back theatre ritual (improvisation, storytelling and psychodrama) where actors re-tell a dreamer's dream in spontaneously choreographed theatre.

              “Poetry is the liquid voice that can wear through stone."
                                                    Adrienne Rich

Body Poem evokes our inherent expression through contacting and communicating physical sensations, dream landscapes and aspects of our environment; elements that represent parts of ourselves within the waking dream we call reality.

The poetry emerges from beyond our rational mind and inherited restrictions to expression, where we can come into gentle contact with exiled parts and unprocessed life experiences. We welcome them back through the kindness of rhythm, into present moment awareness for integration and digestion.

Body Poem is a ritual of creative expression weaving you into your own mystery and mythic journey.

“I would love to live like a river flows, carried by the surprise of its own unfolding.”

                                    John O’Donohue

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Introductory rate: £60 for 90 mins (discounted if 3 sessions are booked in advance)