Soul Call

Soul Call sessions are one-to-one meetings online, or in-person in the North of England. They are typically two hours in duration.

This is a spacious, gentle exploration through dialogue, held in a potent field of connection for you to be witnessed, with permission, appreciation and acceptance. 

Attuned and compassionate witnessing affords you the possibility to be more fully present with yourself, which supports you to bring your unique and distinct essence into substance, into reality; to birth yourself into being.

With intention and commitment to meet ourselves in this way, what happens is not only personally transformative, the collective field shifts. 

When we embody our authentic self-expression, we become visionaries; we liberate energy and accelerate evolution.

This is how new worlds are born. 

 Your authentic expression is your gift to the world.
                           This is your Soul Call.

Rates: £50 per hour